Carriage Service

Final Honor
A Tribute to Our Veterans

Horse-Drawn Funeral Carriage Service Available
Please call Final Honor at 760-445-1981 to make arrangements.

Final Honor Carriage

An acknowledgment of service to America

Miramar National Cemetery is the only cemetery in North America that offers a Final Honor service to the families of veterans. This tribute will be a lasting legacy to those who served honorably, or sacrificed their lives in service to our nation; a thank you for their service to America.

Final Honor service is available at Miramar National Cemetery for the interment of any veteran, regardless of rank. Final Honor offers its funeral carriage service at the cemetery, for free, every Monday. Service is provided for a fee on other days. Please call 760-445-1981 to make arrangements.

Who is eligible for this service?

The families of any United States military veteran eligible for burial in a national cemetery may schedule Final Honor service at Miramar National Cemetery. We provide service for five to nine veterans’ interments every day we are at the cemetery. Final Honor also provides service, on a fee basis, at other cemeteries and venues, per arrangements with the company.

What does Final Honor service include?

Final Honor service includes a traditional horse-drawn funeral carriage, a white horse, a uniformed driver and attendant. The casket or urn(s) is placed in the carriage from the funeral home hearse, and transported from the cortege assembly point directly to the commitment shelter or gravesite. Family and funeral attendees often form a procession to follow the carriage on foot.

When is Final Honor available?

Final Honor services are available, rain or shine, approximately 255-260 days annually from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., with additional hours and/or days for special services, if necessary. Our funeral carriage service is available for holiday events such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and for other public events. At the present time, the carriage can comfortably accommodate an interment service at the cemetery every 30 minutes.

Can I make a contribution to Final Honor?

Final Honor welcomes contributions from families, individuals, civic organizations or corporations. Final Honor is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of California. Contributions to Final Honor can be made through the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation. Organizations also may elect to sponsor Final Honor (see below).

What costs does my contribution cover?

Your contribution will cover costs that include travel to and from the cemetery or other venue with horse, carriage and staff in a horse trailer; maintenance of vehicles, horses and their equipment; staff uniforms; insurance, and our guarantee of first-class service.

If my organization decides to sponsor Final Honor, what can we expect in return?

The horse and carriage are transported together in a 24-foot horse trailer pulled by a truck. Corporate logos and names can be tastefully displayed on the two vehicles as “proud sponsors.” All business cards and promotional literature, as well as our website, will include the names of all sponsors at any level, with the largest sponsor having “top billing”. Final Honor will endorse sponsors’ products and services, if at all possible. In some cases, sponsors may wish to remain anonymous. Whatever the sponsors’ preference, we will abide by that choice.