Dr. Buzz Aldrin

Dr. Aldrin was an astronaut on Gemini 12 and was on the world’s first moon landing with Apollo 11. After serving a distinguished career in the United States Air Force, including a combat tour in Korea with two aerial victories, Dr. Aldrin retired as a colonel. He has authored 6 books.

Robert J. “Bob” Gilliland

Mr. Gilliland is a 1949 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, but transferred to the Air Force where he flew the F-84 in a 1952 combat tour in Korea. Transitioning to the Reserves in 1960, Mr. Gilliland joined Lockheed as a test pilot and rapidly advanced to the “Skunkworks” where “Kelly” Johnson made him the Chief Test Pilot of the SR-71. First to fly it on December 22,1964, he eventually achieved it’s full envelope expansion of speed and altitude. A Fellow in the S.E.T.P., Mr. Gilliland received the prestigious Kincheloe Award, which was followed by many other aerospace awards and recognitions.

Commander Willis E. (Bill) Hardy USN (ret.)

Cmdr. Hardy is an Ace from World War II, and while flying the F6F-5 Hellcat was credited with shooting down 6.5 Japanese aircraft. He actually became an “Ace-in-a-Day” by shooting down five enemy aircraft on April 6, 1945. He is the recipient of the Navy Cross, a Distinguished Flying Cross, and five Air Medals.

Wes Parker

Mr. Parker was a first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1965 – 1975. He played in three World Series games and was voted to be the Spalding-sponsored Best First Baseman in the Past 50 Years contest. He currently works for the Dodgers in various public affair and charity projects.